Building the brands that build Africa

AFRI Lens Technologies is a full-service African tech and digital communications agency headquartered in South Africa, with an extensive footprint across the African continent. We provide a world class approach to African market immersion through tech-enhanced comprehensive communications strategies and PR solutions.

A brief Overview

Afri Lens Tech, is a South African based technology-driven agency specialising in a wide range of innovative communications solutions throughout the continent. Optimising technology in communications strategy, we serve a diverse clientele – from startups to established organisations. Our web and mobile services encompass cutting-edge offerings like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, exploit development, and social engineering. We provide crucial support through services like market research, public relations, strategic partnering, and advertising. Our team is dedicated to empowering businesses with transformative solutions that grow legacy brands in Africa.

Our Work

We take great pride in our accomplishments, and we’d like to share some examples of our exceptional work from the past few months. These projects showcase the high standard of excellence we consistently deliver to our clients.

Projects & Partners

Our work is the driving force behind our expanding client base and collaborative efforts with other media platforms. Together, we aim to broaden our reach and create a significant impact in the industry.

Brand Affiliates

At Afri Tech Lens, our vision becomes a reality through the invaluable contributions of our brand affiliates. These partners have not only experienced the positive impact of our services on their businesses but also play a crucial role in implementing other strategic solutions that will benefit you as a prospective partner or client. Together, we foster a dynamic ecosystem, empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology and collaborative expertise for mutual growth and success.

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